Friday, December 31, 2010

Iowa's Running Game is Going to Be Just Fine

Well, since the mass exodus of Brandon Wegher, Jewel Hampton, and now most likely Adam Robinson, Iowa is pretty thin at running back. While, Coker gave us a glimpse of great things to come, Iowa only has him and DeAndre Johnson left as scholarship backs. The incoming recruits at running back will likely get a chance to log a lot of playing time next year. But, I want to show you guys something:

That is a comparison of all of A-Rob's runs this year and all of Coker's this year. Now, Robinson had almost 100 more carries, but Coker still had over 100 carries total this year. Running behind the same offensive line (Coker even ran behind Koeppel at RG for a majority of the season), Coker had less of his carries go for a loss and for 0-2 yards. Most of Coker's runs actually went for 3-5 yards, while a majority of A-Robs were good for 0-2 yards. They were pretty much even in the amount of 6-9 yard runs they ripped off. However, Coker had 3% more of his carries go for over 10 yards than A-Rob did. To put that last stat into perspective, Coker had 20 carries of over 10 yards in just 114 carries on the year. Robinson had 30 carries of over 10 yards in 203 carries.

Conclusions? Coker is going to be good. Everybody loved Robinson early in the year, and he was only averaging 4.64 YPC. Coker averaged 5.47 YPC this year as a true freshman. As long as he stays healthy there is a bright future ahead for him. Not to mention, that Iowa's offensive line remains virtually intact for the next few years.

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