Monday, January 10, 2011

Iowa's Offense 2003-2010 (Leftovers from the Last Post)

In the first post I only gave you the percentages because I felt that it was already long enough, and there was no need to go overboard with information. In this one, I wanted to put the actual numbers because it is interesting to see things like in what years the Big 10 was especially tough. Also, I calculated more than the five stats I used for the earlier post, and I figured they might as well not go to waste. There will be less analysis in this post, but plenty of graphs to look at.

Offensive Points Per Game:

Three seasons above average.

Yards Per Play:

Better than points per game. Four seasons above average.

Yards Per Pass Attempt:

Well, that's better. Six seasons above average.

QB Rating:

Notice how the last two graphs are similar in shape? That's why I used QB Rating for measuring passing in the first post. It takes into account YPA, along with many other important things quarterbacks do. Five seasons above average.

Pass Attempts Per Touchdown Pass:

Switch your brain on this one. Below the black line is better on this graph. I changed touchdowns per pass attempt into pass attempts per touchdown because it is easier to see how good the offense was. The less pass attempts it takes to throw a touchdown the better. Five seasons above average.

Pass Attempts Per Interception:

Since interceptions are bad, you want more plays between them. So, above black line is good. Too bad Iowa hasn't been so good. Three seasons above average.

Yards Per Carry:

Not much to say here. Two years above average.

Carries Per Rushing Touchdown:

Once again, you want less carries between rushing touchdowns. Which means, above the black line is bad. Two seasons above average.

Offensive Plays Per Touchdown:

Another where below the line is better. Three seasons above average.

Offensive Plays Per Turnover:

Finally, plays per turnover. Three seasons above average.

Iowa's Offensive Averages:
  • 24.50 Points Per Game, 0.37 Points Per Play, 5.43 Yards Per Play, 7.30 Yards Per Pass Attempt, 130.90 QB Rating, 18.79 Pass Attempts Per TD Pass, 36.77 Pass Attempts Per INT, 3.89 Yards Per Carry, 29.93 Carries Per Rushing TD, 23.12 Plays Per TD, 45.17 Plays Per Turnover. 
Big 10 Offensive Averages:
  • 25.74 Points Per Game, 0.37 Points Per Play, 5.52 Yards Per Play, 7.08 Yards Per Pass Attempt, 127.64 QB Rating, 20.93 Pass Attempts Per TD Pass, 32.80 Pass Attempts Per INT, 4.27 Yards Per Carry, 23.44 Carries Per Rushing TD, 22.17 Plays Per TD, 41.17 Plays Per Turnover.
The only real conclusion, is that over the last eight years Iowa has been above average in the passing stats above, but not in the rushing ones. I find that interesting because Iowa is known for running the ball. But, outside of Shonn Greene and 2005 Albert Young, Iowa's run offense hasn't been great.

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