Friday, December 31, 2010

Insight Bowl Random Stats Dump

Bullet points!
  • The man of the game was true freshman Marcus Coker. 221 Yards on 33 Carries for a 6.7 YPC and 2 TD. His 6.7 YPC is second this year to A-Rob's performance vs Iowa State (156 Yards 14 carries for 11.14 YPC). Coker averaged over 5 YPC in four of the seven games he carried the ball in this year. A-Rob only did that twice this year.
  • Here's a breakdown of Coker's Runs: 
    • Loss of Yards: 1 Rush (3.03%)
    • 0-2 Yards: 11 Rushes (33.3%)
    • 3-5 Yards: 11 Rushes (33.3%)
    • 6-9 Yards: 4 Rushes (12.12%)
    • 10+ Yards: 6 Rushes (18.18%)
  • Now a look at Stanzi's completions:
    • Less than 10 Yards: 4 Completions (36.36%)
    • 10-19 Yards: 4 Completions (36.36%)
    • 20+ Yards: 3 Completions (27.27%)
  •  Stanzi finished with a good 9.52 YPA because 7 of his 11 completions were for over 10 yards. Other than that Stanzi was inconsistent. This game was his season personified. Early in the game he looked like the Stanzi from the first eight games of the year, but after that he looked like the Stanzi from the last four games of the year. 
  • Stanzi finished with a QB Rating of 113.3, which is actually his worst of the year. In the first eight games of the year he never had a QB Rating worse than 152.9. In the last four games of the year he could never do better than 144.4. His completion percentage was not very good in this game either. He completed only 52.38% of his passes. But, Stanzi didn't have to be great to get the victory, and the win is all that matters.
  • McNutt had four passes directed his way, and caught two of them. His catches were for 14 and 49 yards. That's a 31.5 YPC average. McNutt continued to do what he did all season, he stretched the field. Even if he only caught two balls, they were big plays for Iowa. 
  • Coming into this game Missouri's red zone defense was vaunted, and known as the best in the country. As advertised, they were good.  They held Iowa to 2 FG and 1 TD in four trips. The only reason Iowa didn't score on their fourth trip though, was because they were busy taking a knee to win the game.
  • Missouri's vaunted defense, also held Iowa to 0 three and outs this game.
  • Now to Iowa's defense. Gabbert had a ridiculous day passing. He dinked and dunked the Tiger offense down the field (7.61 YPA), and though he only had 1 passing TD, he constantly had the Tigers in the red zone. 
  • Even though Gabbert completed 71.93% of his passes, it was the two passes he completed to Brett Greenwood and Micah Hyde that were his biggest. Of course Stanzi had 2 interceptions also, but Gabbert's had a bigger impact. Greenwood picked him off in the endzone before halftime, stopping Mizzou from getting any points. Then of course, Hyde's was the game winner. So, while Gabbert may have outplayed Stanzi, Gabbert also made the two biggest mistakes of the game. 
  • Iowa's defense continued to bottle up the run. Allowing only 2.7 YPC to the Tigers.
  • The Hawkeyes also forced Missouri into a three and out on 2 of 11 drives (18.18%). 
  • In the red zone, Iowa was only able to stop them once (Greenwood INT). Otherwise, Missouri scored 3 TD and 1 FG on 5 attempts. 
  • Overall, Iowa was more efficient on the day. They averaged 7.7 yards per play compared to 5.95 by Missouri. Iowa also averaged 0.34 offensive points per play (doesn't include Hyde INT), and Missouri averaged 0.28 offensive points per play (Missouri ran 86 offensive plays to the Hawkeyes' 58).
Finally, congrats to the Hawkeyes on the bowl victory. This team really needed to end the season on a positive note, and it did just that.

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