Sunday, February 20, 2011

Iowa vs Michigan Round II Recap: 72-75 L OT

That second half collapse was more painful in person.

Bullet Points!
  • This was the second overtime game I've been to at Carver. The last one was the game against Penn State where Jake Kelly went off, while puking in a trashcan on timeouts, two years ago. Needless to say, this one didn't end as well.
  • Iowa shot a 54.8% effective FG% in the first half, while Michigan shot 50%. Iowa outscored them by 8 in the first half. In the second half, Iowa shot a 44.6% effective FG%, and Michigan put up a 58.7%. Michigan outscored Iowa by 8 in the second half.
  • For the entire game, Michigan outshot Iowa, 53.8% to 46.6%. Iowa made 58.5% of their two point attempts, and a meager 11.8% from behind the three point line. Michigan made 59.3% of their two point shots, and 30% of their three point shots.
  • The Hawkeyes did win the rebounding battle, pulling down 58.6% of all rebounds, compared to Michigan's 41.4%. Iowa grabbed 41.2% of their own misses, while allowing Michigan to do the same only 24.1% of the time. On the defensive glass, Iowa came down with 75.9% of all of Michigan's misses, and Michigan came up with 58.8% of Iowa's misses. This the only thing Iowa dominated in for the whole game.
  • Iowa ended 21.7% of their possessions with an assisted field goal, but they also turned it over on 23.2% of them. That performance was good for a 0.94 assist to turnover ratio.
  • Michigan ended 20.3% of their possessions with an assisted field goal, and only gave the ball up on 18.8%. That performance was good for a 1.08 assist to turnover ratio.
  • More on the second half collapse. Iowa had a 32-24 lead at the beginning of the second half. Around the 9:15 mark it was 42-42. That is a 18-10 run for Michigan. During that 18-10 run by Michigan, Tim Hardaway Jr. went 3-4 from three point range and 1-1 from two point range. He scored 11 points in that 10 minute stretch. That is 1 more point than Iowa scored in that entire 10 minute stretch. That was a bad bad 10 minutes.
  • As you can see from above, instead of this game being the Darius Morris show Part II (he did play good, though), this time it was the Tim Hardaway Jr. show. Hardaway scored a game high 30 points (20 of which came in the second half) on 9-14 shooting (4-7 from two point range and 5-7 from three point range). Thanks to all his three's, he had a ridiculous effective FG% of 82.1%. If you add him going 7-7 from the free throw line, you get a ridiculous 1.73 points per scoring attempt. He wasn't just hitting wide open shots, either. There were times where he just decided to pull up with an Iowa defender in his face, and drain the shot. It got to the point where me and the guy in the seat next to me, were surprised when Hardaway missed a shot. He looks like he's going to be pretty good for years to come.
  • Now, we can move on and talk about Morris. Morris was pretty quiet in the first half (the whole Michigan team was). But, in the second half, Michigan decided to start attacking Iowa's defense more. That was a problem for Iowa. Iowa had enough trouble guarding Hardaway in the second half, but when Morris started driving more, all hell broke loose. Cartwright couldn't keep him in front of him and neither could Marble. He also made Basabe (I believe that's who it was, because Fran yanked him for a good chunk of minutes) look bad on some pick and roll defense, that led to some easy baskets for Michigan. Morris put up 20 points and 9 assists, 10 and 5 of which, came in the second half.
  • Moving onto Iowa's players. Basabe was his efficient shooting self, as he put up 19 points on 8-10 shooting (80% effective FG%) and made all three of his free throw's (1.66 points per scoring attempt). He also grabbed 8 rebounds. 5 of which were defensive (22.8%) and 3 of which were offensive (11.6%). There were stretches where Basabe was unstoppable, making almost everything he put up, and grabbing some key offensive rebounds and converting them into second chance points. He also had a very nice alley-oop on a lob from Marble, on a play that was almost a turnover. However, as I said above, he did have some defensive trouble in the second half. So much so, that Fran took him out and put Brommer in for a while. That most certainly, did not help Iowa's offense. But, if you're going to blow that many defensive assignments, Fran is not going to have you on the court.
  • Staying on Fran for a moment. Holy hell, was he in full character yesterday. During the second half his face was terror threat level red. What was great about it, was that he would get in the players faces as they came off the court. They would sit down, and he would dig into them again. Then he would walk away as if he needed to calm down and collect himself, and then he would walk back over and start screaming once again. During a TV timeout, I believe it was, he walked away and came back at least 4 times. Fran can be more entertaining than the game sometimes.
  • Hightower refereed yesterday. Beilein got a technical. Fran didn't. Huh?
  • Gatens put up 13 points yesterday, but shot 4-11 from the field including 2-7 from behind the arc (the only three pointers Iowa made yesterday). However, it was his defense for the second game in a row that was pretty freaking bad (the team as a whole had some terrible defensive stands). I love Gatens, but he's too slow on defense. 
  • Marble was pretty impressive yesterday, putting up 11 points on a 62.5% effective FG%. His mid range jumper was beautiful yesterday. He would just bring the ball up court, and pull the trigger. It looked very smooth. As a matter of fact, Marble made 60% of his two point shots outside the paint yesterday. By far the best on the team. He also made 100% of his shots inside the paint. He is looking more impressive as the year goes on. He has some real upside for the future.
  • Cole put up 14 points (1.69 points per scoring attempt), doing most of his damage from the free throw line. He made 8 of his 9 free throw attempts. That was good for a 2.25 free throw rate (free throws attempted per field goals attempted). This is something I need to give Cole credit for, his ability to get to the free throw line. He is number one on the team in free throw rate among players who actually play (Archie is number one, overall), getting to the line on 60% of his field goal attempts (0.60 free throw rate). Keep it up, Jarryd.
  • Cartwright couldn't make a basket yesterday to save his life. He went 3-13 from the field (23% effective FG%), scoring 8 points. While he did have 8 assists, he also had 5 turnovers. But, let's stay on his shooting. Cartwright shot 42.86% on his shots inside the paint yesterday. Only Brommer, who shot 33.3%, was worse. However, Cartwright decided to one-up that, by shooting 0% (0-6) on his two pointers outside of the paint. Add to that, the fact that he couldn't guard Darius Morris to save his life either, and it was a bad day.
  • Iowa averaged 1.04 points per possession, while Michigan averaged 1.09. Another game where Iowa scores above season average and loses.

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